Traffic Management Plans

If you are working on or near the roadway you will require some form of traffic control. Depending on how close the worksite is to the road and the impact that the works will have on traffic using the roadway – the traffic control may be as minor as a few signs or could be more complex speed reductions or closures.

In order to place traffic signs and devices on the road reserve, you will require a Traffic Guidance Scheme or a Traffic Management Plan.

You may also need a road occupancy permit from the road owner – which would be either the Local Council or the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

Our experienced team provide plans and drawings to suit any traffic management requirement. Our endeavour is to implement a solution that minimises disruption as far as possible for road users whilst taking into account the safety of road users, pedestrians and the workforce. With over a decade of experience, it’s one of the many reasons we’re the traffic management team that Adelaide can trust!

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